An informative companion for drivers.

No matter where your drivers are on the move – they need information as to where they are. For the first time, the Fleetboard offers drivers the direct access to data of the Fleetboard services Time Management and Performance Analysis and, thus, helps to keep up their motivated and fit.

Your Benefits

Lowering fuel costs.

Direct feedback is helpful: Your drivers receive feedback on their efficient driving styles. This enables all of them to observe an optimised driving style and contribute to a reduction in fuel costs.

Complying with legal stipulations when on tour.

Benefit from an overview of the current driving and rest times. This helps you support your drivers to comply with the valid legal stipulations.

All useful information. In one app.

Time Manager: Driving and rest times always in view.

The Time Manager grants the drivers insights into the current driving, rest and weekly driving times any time and points out imminent pauses by means of alarms.

Performance Coach: Fair grades for a better performance.

The Performance Coach informs drivers about their driving style grades and further details on the last tours.

My Truck: Up-to-date information.

The My Truck function for Mercedes Benz vehicles offers you complete information about your own vehicle. It shows the current odometer reading, PPC usage and informs you about the adBlue and diesel fuel level of the truck.

Language versions: For drivers all over the whole world.

The Fleetboard is available in 24 languages.

App: Available free of charge in the Google Play Store.

The app is available free of charge in the Google Play Store to drivers in EU 29. To use it, the drivers only have to be activated for usage in Fleetboard Cockpit.


End device

To use the app, an Android-capable end device, smartphone or tablet is required.

Fleetboard services

The Fleetboard services Performance Analysis and Time Recording are required for the usage of the app and have to be booked by the central logistics office. Subsequently, drivers can be activated.

These solutions complement

Fleetboard Time Recording

New perspectives for better planning: Use the data of the driving and rest times and deploy your drivers efficiently.

Fleetboard Performance Analysis

Uncover optimisation potentials only dreamed of – with the data for your drivers along with the Fleetboard Performance Analysis software.