Save time. Gain data.

Archiving data in compliance with all applicable laws costs time and man-power. We are required by law to read out, save, and archive driver cards every 28 days as well as saving the mass memory data every 90 days. The Fleetboard Driver Card and Mass Memory Download allow you to read, transmit, and save any relevant data from remote locations. Comply with the legal obligation to provide documentation without any additional effort – DEKRA-certified, automated, and conveniently from your central office.

Your Benefits

Save data quickly. Continue working immediately.

Significantly speed up the process of reading, saving and archiving driver card and mass memory data – by reading the data from remote locations.

Comply with all laws. Fully automatically.

Reduce the effort involved in complying with the legal obligation to provide documentation and to archive data – with automatic downloads.

Simplify billing.

Save time and costs when settling expenses: We provide you with the main data you need – available either for download or to import into your wage and expense accounting system.

Complying with regulations is easy.

Downloads: Timely and reliable.

The Mass Memory Downloads are monitored and – depending on the configured interval – performed fully automatically every 90 days at the latest, following legal regulations. The driver card data can also be retrieved easily and automatically every 28 days. Even earlier, depending on the on-board computer and the configured setting.

Archiving: Without any extra work.

The vehicles’ mass memory data and the driver card data are stored on the Fleetboard server for at least 12 and up to 36 months. This consistent archiving of all data ensures that all legal archiving and storage requirements are met.

Local storage: With just a few clicks.

Driver card and mass memory data is stored on the local computer with minimum effort. You also have the option of evaluating information using common analysis tools.


Truck Data Center

The Fleetboard on-board computer, Truck Data Center, transmits information from the vehicle to the Fleetboard Cockpit. Integrated with the digital tachograph, the on-board computer provides access to all relevant data at any time.

Digital tachograph

For both services, a digital tachograph is required, which can be downloaded from remote locations.

These solutions complement Driver Card and Mass Memory Download

Fleetboard Cockpit

Easily control your Driver Card and Mass Memory Download using the Fleetboard Cockpit. In addition, benefit from a detailed analysis of your data and from a user-friendly display of the results.

Fleetboard Time Recording

Get an overview of already recorded and all remaining driving, work, and rest times of your drivers. Deploy your drivers even more efficiently – with Fleetboard Time Recording.