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Now you can discover untapped potential for savings on coach tours and on public transport – with the telematics system from FleetBoard. FleetBoard was developed especially for bus-specific fleet management and is aimed at fleets of public service buses, coaches and overland buses. FleetBoard services include many features to optimise driving and procedures – and as a result to reduce vehicle wear and fuel consumption and to increase the quality of your service.

FleetBoard services at a glance

With FleetBoard you can keep an eye on your coaches, public service buses and overland buses anytime, all over the world. Intelligent services – designed specifically for the bus industry – support your fleet management. The goal is to achieve better profitability in the fleet.

Driving record: Transparency in operation

The “Driving record” service calculates all data related to the daily operations of a bus, such as drive times and idle times, position, weight and speed. You can also access the door and ramp status of every vehicle – an important quality criteria for regional bus operations. Each stop at a bus-stop, every departure time, every door-opening can be viewed to the precise minute and can be used to provide clear facts to answer passenger enquiries. Data for the use of the ramp for people with limited mobility can even be shown in this way. For coach operators, the data from the driving record provide important information for tour analysis and optimisation.

Performance Analysis: Driving style documentation

The FleetBoard “Performance Analysis” provides detailed information about driving styles, from speed and rev count to the amount of hard braking in one journey. This gives a realistic basis for evaluation to help reduce fuel consumption and vehicle wear by up to 10%. The values calculated represent an objective basis for conclusions about the handling of the bus and provide information on the need for driver training. As a bus operator you are always informed promptly about the individual quality of your driver's work and can optimise this if necessary. You can also use the information obtained about travel distance, over-revving, use of brakes and driver breaks for a bonus scheme.

Service: Evaluation of operational data and maintenance planning

With the "Service" service you can find all the important operational data at a glance: Mileage and fuel level as well as selected warnings, such as overheating of motor or gear oil, low pressure of motor oil or worn brake linings. This makes rapid and targeted repair of buses possible. In addition, conclusions can be drawn about the condition of the vehicle by transmission of status messages such as retarder use, supplementary heating or air-conditioning.

By data transfer of the current mileage or entry of maintenance times, the maintenance planning is set on the right course. The bus operator knows exactly when the next maintenance is planned according to mileage or time period. Advantage: detailed and accurate maintenance documentation that aims to reduce vehicle wear permanently.

Messages: Text communication with the bus

Simple, seamless text communication between Head Office and the driver supports daily business. The "Messages” service provides pre-defined keys (Home, Service and Event Call) on the on-board computer for standardised messages to Head Office. These can either be sent to an e-mail address or as an SMS.

Messages can also be sent from Head Office to the bus. Text messages, similar to SMS, can be sent to the combi-instrument screen in Mercedes-Benz and Setra vehicles.

Time Management: Evaluation and archiving of tachograph data

The “Time Management” service makes the legally required readings and archiving of drivercard data very easy. With DEKRA-certified remote downloading of drivercard and mass storage, the driver data and mass storage of the digital tachograph in the vehicle can be read taking the statutory requirements into account – making things tangibly simpler also when drivers and vehicles are absent for long periods. The company card remains where it belongs – in the company and not on the bus.

This means that usage planning based on current rest and driving times of the driver can be ensured - which plays an important role particularly in coach operations. Working time data can then be directly transferred to the payroll department therefore simplifying internal administration.

Mapping: Worldwide overview of buses

The "Mapping” service gives constant and worldwide access to the location and route of the buses. Using a digital road map, the bus operator can access the current stopping location of the vehicle or a detailed route tracking at 30 second intervals – either in street view, satellite view or a combination of the two (hybrid).

Using the Geofencing feature, specific entry and exit areas can be defined. This provides extra security in case of theft. In addition the map shows important tour events, warnings and status messages.


Your advantages as a bus owner:

FleetBoard for Buses is the ideal partner across the board with numerous benefits which are worth real money on the bottom line:

  • Optimum vehicle dispatching by using vehicle tracking in the fleet
  • Easy data access without additional software and high data security through password-protected login and encrypted data transmission
  • Transparency in the fleet for better overview and security
  • Save time by remote download of the mass storage and download of the drivercard data in accordance with legal requirements
  • Recognising potential for optimisation and savings with respect to fuel consumption and vehicle wear
  • Flexible integration of the customer’s own computer system through an open SOAP interface
  • Flexible Anbindung von kundeneigenen EDV-Systemen über eine offene SOAP-Schnittstelle

FleetBoard Cockpit

FleetBoard Bus customers can download the FleetBoard Cockpit here.


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